PreSCO-3T© assessment and assistance Proposal

PreSCO-3T© Stands for Project Scheduling and Control – 3 Tier System and is proprietary frame work formulated by V-PLA INC. for assisting construction businesses achieve enhanced project delivery.

Initial step is to assess the current practices at your organization and assess the system against the optimized PreSCO-3T© system.

Second phase is optional and involves professional assistance in implementing the PreSCO-3T© as a tool. Implementation of these procedures enables the businesses to fill the gaps in current scheduling practices and help establishing a Proactive project Scheduling and Controls system.

V-PLAN INC could help your business, progressively establish PreSCO-3T© at 3 levels, which that plugs all the Time and Cost leaks to your resources (time and cost). This can be achieved with any additional deployment of Software or staff.

PreSCO-3T© Doesn’t require huge investments, just change the way you create the schedule, include the sub trades and vendors, proactive method at 3 levels

Tier I – Creation, Development and management of Project schedule and management guidelines with Owner/Client representative

Tier II – Internal, Enterprise level

Tier II – External, Team partner level: Vendors, Subcontractors and Trades etc.


V-PLAN will spend two days meeting your chosen staff members to learn the current procedures based on a structured questionnaire and insightful discussion through interaction as per following plan.

General Manager, one Project Manager, one Project coordinator and two Site Superintendents

V-PLAN will provide you a recommended procedure for establishing, best practices. At additional cost we can guide through the process of implementing the system.

Cost: $2500 to $3500 (all inclusive, varies with location)

Project Schedule and control support - Pricing

Develop a Base line schedule from Project specification and drawings: $50 per hour

Manage Schedule (monthly updates, look ahead schedules, monitoring critical path, custom reports): $ 35 per hour

Forensic schedule analysis, Claims and EOT documentation: $ 100 per hour

Mentorship to implement PreSCO-3T system: $ 80 per hour

We are a team of Certified Professionals and provide project scheduling and controls on outsourced basis. We do not provide any staffing services.